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9 July 1989
My name is STEPH and i am a super vce student at a certain school in melbourne. Beginning with K. When I am not at school I will be playing my oboe playing soccer or delivering junk mail. I dislike my job but I dont hate it, there is good and bad to it which I will not get into here. I hardly ever do any homework, only when necessary for tests and sacs, and I dont watch tv much. What do I do with my time?? I don't know. Daydream?? Maybe. I really enjoy year 11 but cant wait for yr 12 and then finally finishing school. I love driving. I have got up to 80+ hours and have had no major accidents. (just a minor tree collision) I am going to france and england at the end of this year and am excited, happy, anxious, scared...
there is more about me which maybe i will write some other day